Quick Answer: Is Two Middle Names Common?

What happens if you have two middle names?

Having two middle names means you can give the child the name you agreed on but still have a piece of both families in there as well..

How many middle names is too many?

2 is too many. My kids have 2 middle names; one from each side of the family so they have a chosen name from parents, and a life long connection to their grandparents too. For me, one is perfect, 2 is acceptable, more than 2 is too much. It’s more important that the names go nicely together than how many they have IMO.

Can you put two middle names on a birth certificate?

Just space it enough from the first name and last name AND make sure to capitalize all the 1st letters. Yep. … Both names are on it. When forms eventually ask for middle initial, I would expect to just put the first initial of the first middle name.

Is 3 middle names too much?

Sure, three middles is a lot but if you’re prepared to deal with it then go for it! In this situation it’s truly what you like that goes because nobody else really has a huge say or will have to deal with it. Typically, I would say that 3 middle names is excessive.

How many middle name can you have?

One can have several middle names, but it is unusual to have more than one or two.