Question: What Does Whatever Suits Your Fancy Mean?

What is a fancy lady?

: a woman of questionable morals specifically : prostitute..

What does fancy mean in slang?

transitive verb. If you fancy someone, you feel attracted to them, especially in a sexual way. [British, informal] Synonyms: be attracted to, find attractive, desire, lust after More Synonyms of fancy.

What takes your fancy meaning?

phrase​informal. DEFINITIONS1. 1. if something takes or catches your fancy, you like it, or you want to have or do it. I looked at quite a few dresses, but nothing really took my fancy.

What is a old fashioned word for woman?

ladyAn old-fashioned or extremely polite word for “woman” is lady.

What is your fancy meaning?

Appeal to one, be to one’s liking, as in That joke tickled my fancy. This term uses fancy in the sense of “liking” or “taste.” [ Second half of 1700s]

What do you fancy eating meaning?

what do you fancy= what do you like/want? Example: What do you fancy like eating tonight? I fancy a seafood pizza.

Where does the saying tickle your fancy come from?

Looking into its origin, I discovered that the idiom tickles your fancy (which basically means “what pleases you”) was originally (?) a double entendre. The term fancy was a euphemism for fanny which in BrEng is a vulgar expression for female genitals but in AmEng is another name for butt or buttocks.

What does whatever tickles your fancy mean?

If something tickles your fancy, it appeals to you and you want to try it or have it.

Is Fancy a compliment?

Generally, when someone says someone else is fancy, they are speaking about how that person dresses, or how they wear their hair, the complete package. It can be an insult or a compliment, depending on the fancy persons fashion or style. A ‘flight of fancy’ would mean a person has imaginative thoughts.

What does tickle mean?

1 : to have a tingling or prickling sensation my back tickles. 2 : to excite the surface nerves to prickle. transitive verb. : to touch (as a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements. tickle.

What is the British slang for woman?

This is the paper you use in the bog, also known as “toilet paper.” This is British slang for a girl or a woman. “Mug” is more specifically London slang and is associated with the cockney accent.

What is a fancy man?

fancy man in British English noun slang. 1. a person’s male lover. 2. a pimp.

What is a fancy word for fancy?

Some common synonyms of fancy are conceive, envisage, envision, imagine, realize, and think. While all these words mean “to form an idea of,” fancy suggests an imagining often unrestrained by reality but spurred by desires.

What does not fancy mean?

1 not plain; ornamented or decorative. a fancy cake, fancy clothes. 2 requiring skill to perform; intricate. a fancy dance routine. 3 arising in the imagination; capricious or illusory.